about us

Dress to Learn's Mission is Two-Fold:


I. We provide orphaned girls with uniforms that will allow them to attend school and will help them to potentially get a job in the future. As of today, we have helped over 850 students by providing them with a uniform, a pair of shoes, and socks.


II. We also aim to inspire and motivate fellow students across the U.S. to recognize the many hardships orphaned children, girls specifically,  face in developing countries. We hope to instill empathy in other students and empower them to make an impact on people living around the world.

Many young orphaned girls in rural Indian villages face the struggle with one crucial element of their education: uniforms. 


In India, it is required for students to attend school in the proper school uniform, a rule implemented to allow fair treatment for everyone. However, many of these children have little to no school clothing suitable for their needs. 


In addition, oftentimes girls are not encouraged to seek education, as they are considered to be more useful for housework; living with their relatives, they are expected to contribute and help out. They are also required to work in the fields in order to afford a uniform. Orphaned girls are especially at a disadvantage. 


We aim to support these particularly vulnerable children. Our goal is to provide these young orphaned girls with an essential tool for their education.