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Frequently asked questions

What does the process look like?

1)  A school, individual, or organization raises funds for the uniforms and shoes.

2)  With funds raised, the uniforms are stitched and shoes are measured out locally.

3)  We personally give the clothing to each girl.

4)  Shortly after, pictures of the beneficiaries will be posted on the website.

So, how exactly can I help? 

Schools: We will set up an initial 15-minute video call session to introduce our mission, the process, and how your students can help. We will provide and assist you with everything you might need for a successful fundraising campaign (fundraising ideas, social media assets, etc.)

Individuals: We will set up a video call to answer any questions you might have before donating or reposting our content.

How will you spend the donated money?

We provide ambitious, underprivileged students with a custom sewn school uniform and appropriate shoes—no donations go into the upkeep of our marketing campaigns, websites, etc. We are proudly bootstrapped!

How do I know I'm making a difference?

Along with the group of beneficiaries in the picture, is a board that acknowledges the donor(s) and school that helped to fund the clothing for those students. In addition, upon request, we can send you a photo of the students you helped!

Why are there not 15 girls in every photo?

At the time the picture is taken, as many uniforms are given as there are students present. However, at a later date the rest of the uniforms are given to those absent from school that day.

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